Digital Middle Age

Some call my home “The land of the moving curtain”
This may well be true but I know something for certain..

I’ll lament when this metaphor
No longer applies
When “watching through windows”
Means we’re all online spies.

I’m no Luddite, but I feel
We need a little revision
Before the screens force our heads down
Obscuring real vision.

“Am I failure or success?”
They’re just words to explain
Various attempts and achievements
That brought pleasure or pain.

Both concepts are valid,
We can’t always win.
If we had nothing to improve upon,
We’d have nowhere to begin.

Immersed in the arena
Of this social media age
Where frantic fingers thumb screens
But rarely turn a real page.

Just don’t get too hung up on it,
The misnomer of “living the dream”
It can take a lot of self editing
To silence an internal scream.

A bi polar existence,
A cacophony of minds
Proffering lives up for judgement
Come snoop through virtual blinds.

The camera never lies they say,
But a photograph can
With a crop, filter and airbrush
You can design a whole new man.

People can choose which of their faces
They wish to present
Concoct the perfect existence
For others to resent.

Pseudo psychology..
A litany of attitude..
Who needs imagination
When there’s a photographic platitude?

Share your opinions,
Converse and debate,
Just watch out for the fingers
That itch to type hate.

Beware those who posture
Or intentionally inflame
The fear and uncertainties..
“Let’s find someone to blame”.

Look at those being vilified
For words they chose to say
Reflecting how they’re feeling
On any particular day.

Imagine everything you’d ever said
Was immortalised, underlined.
Not just the positive words
But the thoughtless and unkind.

No chance to explain
“I didn’t mean it that way!”
The kangaroo court made you an example
They always have the final say.

The world’s always changing,
Life is subjective
Good times or bad times
All depend on perspective.

Don’t drown in the dark side of nature,
Float up into the light.
It’s up to us to decide
When it’s honourable to fight.

Don’t look for validation
From virtual voices
Who like, share, re tweet
Or judge your life choices.

Just enjoy the adventure,
Put technology to one side
Why plan every journey?
Map the ride with your mind..

Maybe I’m wrong, to rant and to rage
Maybe I’m just suffering from digital middle age.


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