Voting Day

“I’m not voting” my neighbour said.
I looked at him and scratched my head.

He explained that he didn’t
Really feel represented
His local MP was someone
He merely resented.

“It doesn’t affect me anyway,
This politics lark”
I wondered how this man
Could be so completely in the dark.

He’d just spent an hour
Moaning about minimum wage
The potholes in the road
And the plight of old age.

The fact that the bankers
Have bonuses so fat
Yet his graduate daughter
Can’t afford her own flat.

“It’s all politics” I told him
And the whole point of democracy
Is we ALL get the chance
To challenge the hypocrisy.

“So don’t be apathetic,
I understand your stance
But if you still can’t be bothered..
You’re offering your fate up to chance.”

So please don’t blow hot air about the state of the nation
Until you’ve put a cross in the box at your polling station.


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