If you’ve endured a life cocooned in lies, Turned to the wrong people to empathise. It may take some time to recognise The truth behind your own disguise. Misplaced guilt, The heaviest burden to bear. Protecting the wrong people Breeds a lack of self care. A girl should be more mindful, It was different back […]

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Friendship is never straightforward. There are times when we hold each other, There are times when we push each other away. Sometimes we miss each other, Sometimes we drive each other to despair At times we understand each other without words Other times, we leave each other speechless. But the thread of real friendship still […]

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Tempting Fate

I’m not superstitious My brain is analytical. I don’t have to touch wood To stop an outcome being critical. If I avoid the underside of ladders It’s more to do with falling debris. I never avoid black cats And saluting magpies isn’t me. But I do have a lucky crystal I touch it quite a […]

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Voting Day

“I’m not voting” my neighbour said. I looked at him and scratched my head. He explained that he didn’t Really feel represented His local MP was someone He merely resented. “It doesn’t affect me anyway, This politics lark” I wondered how this man Could be so completely in the dark. He’d just spent an hour […]

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